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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My science project going viral...

My Science project titled "How Animals Protect Themselves" have been converted into video and have it's own fanpage. Lalalalalalalalala

We know that animals can protect themselves... but we have the obligation to protect them from extinction too!

So friends... do like my page at How To Protect Animals and watch this case studies at Youtube.

Thank you for all the assistance and cooperations.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teamwork ?

It's been a long time since I last update my blog. This year, I have been very busy with studies, homework, schools and everything under the sun! :p

But here's a quick update on Teamwork .. or whatever you might want to call it. If you like what you see, do share it. If not, do leave some comments below. Hihihi

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Yay.. I did it!

On 29th Nov 2011, my cousin and I go to the clinic for the circumsicion. Hmmm.... it's an experience that a boy will never forgets! LOL! No... I did not cry or run away from the clinic! :p

waiting for my turn

My mom sent me to the clinic and sat beside me all the while for support. The procedure is roughly about half and hour and then... walla..it was done!

yay I did it

Today, it is the 4th day after the event and it has healed. By next week, I can run, jump and even practice my Taekwondo! Yahooooooooo..
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Circumcison : Should I go for it this year ?

It is the long school holidays now and many boys are going for cicumcision during these school holidays!

This includes my cousin - Ameerul Syahmi. He is planning for cicumcision on 22nd November! Hmmm.... He is in Primary Four and going for Primary Five next year. I am in Primary Three... :p

Should I go for circumcision with him this year?

This is the BIG Question! The decision on when to be circusised will depend on my readiness. Mama did not want me to RUN Away from the clinic on THE DAY! LOL!

If I make a "wait and see" decision on how Syahmi make it... it would be a nice idea too.... since I can witness him screaming at the clinic and have a good laugh before my turn! Hihihi..

If I go with him this year, it will be "over and done with" and Mama will not bother me again with this circumcision idea! Hmm.....

What should I do?

I think I am gonna take a few more days to let this idea sink in my head and decide...

What do you all think?

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mama tested Free Animoto and I am FAMOUS!

Hahahaha... how's that sound? My mom tested and created an account at the Free version of Animoto and she did a video of me playing golf! That's how I became famous since she uploaded the video to YouTube.com

However, according to her, the free version of Animoto only allows 30 seconds video and she didn't like it that much! And now, she just got the Camtasia software! LOL!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tomorrow .. I am on Holiday! Yahoo... And some jokes to cheer the day..

Primary Three is a tiring year! LOL! The same goes to Primary One, Two, Four, Five and Six! Hehehe...

However, tomorrow all the other primary students except Primary Six will be on holidays! The UPSR's exam is starting tomorrow.. Best of Luck to all the Primary Six students all over Malaysia! Read the questions and answer it! Hehehe..

And the next week, I'll be having our monthly exams! Urghhh... :p

Since Halloween is just around the corner, here's some jokes to cheer the day and also hopefully bring smiles and laughter to my reader, visitors and friends..

Why are monsters huge and hairy and ugly?
==> Because if they were small and round and smooth they'd be M&M's

What kind of monster is safe to put in the washing machine?
==> A wash and wear wolf

"Frankenstein: Help, I've got a short circuit!
"Igor : Don't worry, I'll lengthen it."

What do you get if a huge hairy monster steps on Batman and Robin ?
==> Flatman and Ribbon !

What do you call a clever monster?
==> Frank Einstein.

What did one of Frankenstein's ears say to the other?
==> I didn't know we lived on the same block.

"Why was the big, hairy, two-headed monster top of the class at school?"
==> Because two heads are better than one.

"FIRST MONSTER: Am I late for dinner?
SECOND MONSTER: Yes, everyone's been eaten."

What do sea monsters have for dinner?
==> Fish and ships.

Note : Should you are looking for Halloween Costumes Ideas, check it out at http://halloweencostumesideas.us . What I like it there is because the variety Smurf Costumes and Angry Birds Costumes!

And if you have a Facebook account (make sure you are logged in), do check at the top corner of the site and you can download a FREE report (without optin) by clicking the picture "witch on the broom"!

Happy Halloween!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Tired and sleepy...fasting month

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My birthday present from dad

For my recent birthday, dad gave me a "Sky Defender - Special Force Series". It is a 176 pieces of blocks (like Lego) that I need to assemble to become a big robotic figure. Waaaaaaaa.....

During the weekend, I am going to assemble the robot and post it here later... it's now 50% ready!

Why only 50% ready?

There's a lot of assignments and Taekwondo training to go. I can only do this on weekends (provided all my other assignments and homework has completed). If not, Mama will nagged me to my edge! Hahahaha.... sorry Mom. :-)

I am so excited to get my new "Sky Defender" to be ready 100%. Will post it again later once completed.

Note : I have got my Blue Taekwondo Belt! Yahooo....

Note : I hope my dad will buy me also the complete "Sky Defender" Jet! Hahahaha...

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Sunday, June 5, 2011


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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Squidoo Journey....

My first lens was published on 1st June 2011 and it has moved up the rank to #419 in Books, Poetry & Writing,(#16,282 overall). Quite satisfied with the success.

Thank you to all my friends on Facebook, Squidoo and Twitter for "liking" the page. It really a boost to my morale. :-)

Today, I am publishing my second lens on Tron : Legacy!

It is a very exciting science fiction and a very action-packed movie. For a FULL REVIEW, do visit my lens and if you like it, please like it and share it. Thank you in advance.

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